Welcome fellow enthusiasts and historical researchers. This site is dedicated to one of the greatest cavalry units in history, the Husaria of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 

A few years ago I went to an exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago entitled: ” Land of the Winged Horsemen.” It was dedicated to art and culture of the 17th Century Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. The exhibit featured numerous artifacts from the golden age of the commonwealth including several Husaria swords and full armor, along with many Ottoman artifacts captured during the numerous battles that occurred.


Husaria painted by Juliusz Kossak

This exhibit was the starting point for what would become a very dedicated hobby and passion of mine. Since the exhibit I was so infatuated with my homeland’s history that I began to research extensively the time period during which the Husaria reached its greatest peak. At one point in time I even created a website featuring several pages of historical information and many related images. Unfortunately as time went on I was busy with school and the page become neglected. With time the hosting service expired and the website disappeared. As the years went on I felt that I needed a place where all my research can come together and I once again reignited my passion and put forth efforts to create a new page This is the result of my efforts and I hope you will enjoy all the information, media and links that I have collected and continue collecting. May this site fuel your own passion and spread information on this intriguing time period of history.


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